Candlelight equals cosiness. However, many consumers are confused by claims that burning candles may harm the indoor environment with particles and heavy metals. Luckily the quality of candles differ and with The Good Candle we clarify the indoor environment impact with information stated on the candle label.

The Good Candle is both a brand and a labelling. A symbol that consumers can rely on. All candles marked with The Good Candle are made from high quality raw materials with a purity documented by certificates. We only use 100% Oeko-tex wicks with absolutely no content of heavy metals. The wicks are carefully chosen for each individual candle size and material composition to ensure a perfect burning process and the lowest possible sooting.

In our on-site testing laboratory we carry out a burning test after each production run to determine the soot index of the candle. With soot index measurements as low as 0.01 the soot index of our candles is far below the maximum limit of 1.0 set in the European Standard. The specific value is stated on the soot index indicator printed on the candle label thus giving the consumer the possibility of making a conscious choice.

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